Looking to make your next project standout? Whether it’s painting substrates for mounting or finding the perfect color to match, we offer a number of paint booth services that can give your project a complete look. From acrylics to enamels, we have the paints and resources necessary to get the job done properly.

Our highly trained staff can help with a number of paint booth applications, including:

– Painted substrates for mounting
– Painted substrates for direct printing
– Painted dimensional letters
– Edge painted graphics
– Custom color matching–Pantone or paint book.
– Various sheens; Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Low Gloss ADA and Matte available.

Some of the Graphic Materials we paint include:

– Acrylic
– PVC – Expanded foam. Indoor and outdoor uses
– Dibond, Indoor and outdoor uses
– Aluminum

We have a number of Paint Types at our disposal including:

– Acrylics
– Lacquers
– Enamels
– Urethanes
– Epoxies

Call us today for more information about our paint booth services. We are always happy to answer questions and discuss ways we can tailor our work to fit your project.