Preserve important imagery by digitizing and storing it for safekeeping and easy access for new applications. Photolab offers archival digital imaging services and post-scan processing solutions for all types of imagery. Our highly trained staff use the latest imaging technology and equipment to meet the precise requirements and unique challenges of digitizing any type of library, archive, and museum materials.

We use industry-recognized best practices for scanning to achieve archival quality files for the highest quality output and long-term multipurpose use. Rare and fragile materials require an even higher degree of care, which is why PLI professionals are trained to maintain the integrity of any type of visual materials while handling and scanning.

Our highly trained staff can scan a wide variety of materials, including:

– Photographs
– Printed materials such as books, newspapers, manuscripts, catalogs
– Printed imagery like maps and posters
– Slides, transparencies, negatives, microfilm
– Images printed on glass or porcelain

Working together we can create a custom digital library that suits your needs perfectly. We start by gaining an understanding the breadth of your collection and the intended applications. Working in our fire-safe, climate controlled facility, our experienced project management team will collaborate with you on identifying the ideal color calibration for scanning and securing appropriate storage for your collection. For additional accountability, we keep detailed records throughout the project and submit the final project for independent verification.

Call us today for more information about our digital scanning services. We are always happy to answer questions and discuss ways we can tailor our work to fit your project.